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We provide commercial cleaning services for different types of businesses and properties, we include the maintenance and cleaning of properties such as commercial areas, apartment buildings, office buildings, educational facilities, event venues and shopping centers,


Post Construction Cleaning in Miami

EPCON CLEANING SERVICES, We are experts and professionals in cleaning, maintenance and sanitization services for companies, corporations and financial institutions. We adapt to your cleaning service needs to perform an optimal and quality work. We are constantly innovating in our cleaning services, because our priority is to maintain a healthy and clean environment. We are specialists in post-construction cleaning jobs in all types of facilities. We perform cleaning in large areas, residential buildings, commercial premises and centers, distribution centers, etc.

EPCON CLEANING SERVICES not only focuses on post-construction cleaning; we can also take care of any CLEANING needs for commercial, governmental or residential areas.

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Maintain a clean and healthy environment with our Professional cleaning and disinfection services.


Deep cleaning goes beyond regular cleaning. The main difference is in the level of detail. Deep cleaning is more extensive. It includes all regular cleaning tasks, as well as cleaning neglected and/or hard-to-reach areas of your home. Everything that can be cleaned is taken care of. It also focuses on improving the quality of life and the general sanitation of your home.

  • Bedrooms
    We clean and organize your bedroom. In your bedroom you will get beds made (change of sheets upon request) clean lamps and dusted screens, door frames and picture frames, furniture cleaning, carpet vacuuming and floor washing.
  • Kitchen
    With frequent use comes the need for frequent cleaning. We will take care of a thorough cleaning of your kitchen.
    In your kitchen you will get stove cleaning, appliance cleaning, door frame and switch cleaning, table and chair cleaning, countertop and backsplash sanitizing, cabinet cleaning, sinks scrubbed and sanitized, floor washing, baseboards dusted and emptied of Garbage.
  • Living rooms
    Our social areas are important to us. Whether we are looking to watch a movie, receive a visit or enjoy with family. Our team will clean, vacuum, dust blinds, furniture, cushions, mop and disinfect this space, all to help you enjoy your living room once again.
  • Home Office
    Your workplace clean and sanitized, our team will provide you with the necessary office cleaning services to create a productive and positive environment.
  • Toilets
    Your bathroom clean and sanitized, from the shower and tub to the toilet and sink, Tub and shower tiles scrubbed and sanitized, Toilets sanitized inside and out, Chrome fixtures cleaned and polished, Mirrors sparkling clean, Towels neatly hung and folded, Disinfected countertops, Clean and disinfected cupboard and cabinet fronts, Vacuumed and/or washed floors, Empty trash cans
  • We clean all surfaces
    Our homes are full of different surfaces, each one made of a specific material. That is why we use the right product in each of them. Our cleaning is directed towards: Upholstered furniture, Cushions and pillows, Ceiling fans, Lamps, screens, Hardwood floors, Tiled floors, stairs, Carpets, blinds.

Regular cleaning usually involves housekeeping tasks such as sweeping floors, cleaning and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting surfaces, appliances and fixtures, cleaning and disinfecting bathroom, cleaning kitchen appliances, as well as cleaning doors, window frames , dust the vents, empty the trash can, and remove cobwebs.

House cleaning and disinfection services

Our cleaning services go beyond the basic services and provide you with a comprehensive and professional cleaning, we offer you a service that adjusts to your needs, from daily cleaning to routine cleaning and seasonal services.

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Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning and disinfection of:
• Bedrooms
• Kitchen
• Living room
• Home Office
• Toilets

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Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning and disinfection of:
• Bedrooms
• Kitchen
• Living room
• Home Office
• Toilets

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Home cleaning

Epcon Cleaning Services offers its Cleaning Services in residential areas such as houses and apartments, our goal is to offer a professional and quality service in the home environment, we understand your needs and therefore create a personalized cleaning program that fits your time and budget.

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Epcon Cleaning Services offers its Cleaning Services in residential areas such as villas and condominiums, our goal is to offer a professional and quality service in the home environment, We have a variety of cleaning services and packages perfect for any condominium and budget.

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EPCON CLEANING SERVICES, a company specialized in cleaning and disinfection, providing our clients with a professional and Quality service for ten years.




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